Measurable Benefits and Value: Eco Material Technologies’ Success Story with River Logic

Scope of Discussion:

Terese Hunwick from Eco Material Technologies sheds light on their productive partnership with the River Logic team, reflecting how it has revolutionized their supply chain decision-making process. The episode dives into the value of having a supportive and knowledgeable partner, enabling real-time issue resolution and optimizing operational efficiency and the Eco Material Technologies’ success story.

Main Points of Conversation:

  • A Supportive Partnership: Eco Material Technologies’ positive experience with the RiverLogic team, viewing them as an extension of their supply chain landing team rather than a mere software vendor.
  • Real-Time Problem-Solving: How the seamless collaboration allows Eco Material Technologies to address complex supply chain issues promptly and make informed decisions based on complete background information.
  • Empowering Operational Efficiency: The transformative impact of the partnership in optimizing supply chain operations and driving success for Eco Material Technologies.

Guest Bio:

Terese Hunwick, VP of Supply Chain at Eco Material Technologies, brings over two decades of experience in transportation, logistics, and bulk materials. With a background in public accounting and finance, she has played a key role in implementing sales and operations planning (SNOP) with RiverLogic’s network optimization tool. Terese’s expertise and leadership have been instrumental in fostering a successful partnership between Eco Material Technologies and RiverLogic.

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