Motor Fuels Tax Minute – Episode 47: ExSTARS Requirements

May 14, 2024

In this week’s episode of Motor Fuels Tax Minute, our hosts dive into some ExSTARS requirements.


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Detailed Description of Weaver’s Motor Fuels Tax Minute, Episode 47

Kelly: This is Motor Fuels Tax Minute, where we talk all things motor fuel. In this week’s episode, Emilda is going to dive into some ExSTARS requirements like SCAC codes and some other things as well.

Emilda: Thanks, Kelly. So yes, ExSTARS. So, we know that ExSTARS is an inventory reporting for terminal operators and some of the questions that we get asked pretty often are, what is the W-13 form and what is that used for? And so one of the things that we like to emphasize to terminal operators is that a W-13 is a form very similar in nature to a W-9 form, but it was designed to be able to collect the EIN number for the carrier or the position holder in a terminal, so that the terminal operator can report the correct EIN number for that entity that is actually purchasing or taking possession of that product at the rack.

The other thing is a terminal operator really needs to think about collecting the information for the carrier that is coming into the terminal. And that is by way of a SCAC code and an EIN. So, what is the SCAC code? The SCAC code basically stands for standard alpha carrier code that identifies who that carrier is and taking possession of the product that it’s lifting from the terminal. So that is very good information to collect.

Other things that terminal operators should consider is maybe a carrier access agreement, allowing a carrier to come in and lift product from their terminal, and the W-13 that we just briefly touched on, and also a certificate of insurance. All of that information is very important for a terminal operator to consider. And when you allow carriers into your terminal, that’s information you’d like to have verified, especially from an insurance standpoint, because they are coming in to pick up fuel from your terminal.

Leanne: Thanks, Emilda. That is a lot of good information for terminal operators and carriers.

As always, if there’s any questions, please reach out to us. That’s this week’s Motor Fuels Tax Minute. See you next time. Thank you.

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