Megatrend: Operating Budget Pressures

March 14, 2024

In this episode of Weaver: Government Impact, host Todd Hoffman, partner-in-charge, Government Consulting Services, offers insights and best practices for approaching operating budget pressures in government. Joined by Brett Nabors, partner, IT Advisory Services, and Morgan Page, partner-in-charge, Digital Transformation and Automation Services, the discussion focuses on navigating financial challenges, optimizing spending and leveraging technology to address budget shortfalls. This episode is crucial for anyone interested in understanding the complexities and strategies of fiscal management in the public sector.

Key Points:

  • Assessing and eliminating unnecessary spending is critical to managing government budget pressures
  • Performance-based budgeting links spending to mission, vision and goals, ensuring value for each dollar spent
  • Strategic technology investments can lead to long-term savings and efficiency improvements


The episode explores strategies for managing operating budget pressures in government. It highlights the importance of assessing unnecessary spending and inefficiencies, particularly in technology and personnel costs. The conversation with Brett and Morgan also looks at the role of performance-based budgeting in ensuring that government spending is aligned with specific goals and delivers tangible results.

“What we find in many cases when you’re dealing under this ‘operating pressures’ subject is many times there are simple things you can do that don’t cost a lot of money to maximize or address issues you have with your current platforms,” said Todd. This episode encapsulates the forward-thinking mindset needed in budget management, focusing on investing in systems and technologies that offer clear benefits and advancements rather than merely moving away from outdated practices.

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