The People Business: What We Need to Know in Q2 2024

June 29, 2024


In this episode of The AppleOne Show, host Brett Howroyd conducts an insightful discussion with Dr. Milton Perkins, the Senior Vice President at ActOne, and Brett Hill, the Senior Director of Client Services Optimization at AgileOne, on the crucial topics affecting the HR and employment landscape in Q2 2024.

The discussion starts with a deep dive into the federal exempt minimum salary increase, a significant change impacting both large and small enterprises in Q2 2024. Hill outlines strategies for enterprise companies to navigate this change, including identifying current exempt employees who fall below the new salary threshold, analyzing budget impacts, and developing comprehensive communication plans. Dr. Perkins provides insights for smaller businesses, emphasizing the importance of wage audits, compliance with FLSA regulations, and the potential need for external expertise to manage these changes effectively.

Both experts highlight the complexities of ensuring compliance with new laws while maintaining employee morale and operational efficiency. They stress the importance of over-communication and training to help employees understand the implications of these changes.

The episode also touches on the nationwide ban on non-compete agreements. Dr. Perkins advises enterprise organizations to review and narrow their NDAs and non-compete agreements to focus on protecting proprietary information in Q2 2024. Hill emphasizes the need for smaller businesses to prioritize engagement and foster an inclusive work culture to retain top talent amidst these regulatory changes.

Both guests underscore the importance of being proactive and adaptable in the face of evolving laws and regulations. They also discuss the broader implications of AI and diversity in the workplace, urging HR professionals to stay informed and prepared for future developments.

Article by MarketScale

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