ActOne Group: Pioneering Workforce Management for Over Five Decades

August 28, 2023


ActOne Group, headquartered in Los Angeles, has been at the forefront of workforce management for over 50 years, starting with a single placement and the entrepreneurial spirit. Today, as an award-winning industry leader with operations in over 32 countries, they’re redefining talent sourcing and screening, ensuring businesses globally have access to the best talent across diverse industries. Led by visionary Janice Bryant Howroyd, ActOne emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and innovation, celebrating what makes them distinct while striving for unity in every endeavor.

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Women's empowerment
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With gender equality becoming a significant global agenda, the narrative around women’s empowerment is more relevant than ever. Amid rising awareness and shifting societal norms, women are increasingly seeking avenues for self-expression and empowerment. A recent study by the Global Gender Gap Report highlights that while progress is being made, substantial efforts are still […]

Tote pallet building systems are revolutionizing robotic palletization
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With their focus on efficiency and simplicity, how are tote pallet building systems revolutionizing robotic palletization in modern warehouses? Joe McGrath, the Solutions Design Lead at Hy-Tek Intralogistics, delved into the transformative potential of tote-based systems within the broader ecosystem of pallet building. He highlighted the simplicity, repeatability, and reduced complexity that tote systems […]

Robotic pallet movers
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The world of logistics is undergoing a major transformation, all thanks to robotic picking and stacking tech. These robotic pallet movers automate the stacking of products, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in warehouses and distribution centers. As e-commerce continues to grow, the demand for quicker and more efficient operations is pushing the adoption of […]