Setting Standards for Success

February 3, 2023
Chase Wasson

Winning the day isn’t just about making every day count – it’s about shifting your mindset to set standards for success and better understand and value the work that goes on behind the scenes – so that you can be as successful as you work to be. Where can you start?

In this inaugural episode of #WintheDay with Wasson, Chase Wasson hosts a conversation with Dallas-native, attorney, and former teammate Walter Musgrove, of Musgrove Agency. The two explore Musgrove’s visionary mindset that has helped form his day-to-day life, including his family’s strong values and standards for greatness, that were instilled in him by his parents.

Musgrove said, “A lot of what I have obtained at this point has definitely com through faith and just truly wanting to be different…because I wanted to be different, I had to do things that were different.”

Musgrove and Wasson discuss…

● Musgrove’s perseverance and navigation through a cancer-diagnosis and athletic

● How setting expectations and standards for success helps to prioritize your goals

● How to transcend a #wintheday mentality to your customer base

“…You know what you have to do. You know what the standard is…if you want to be great you gotta be different…if you want to be great, you have to fall in love with the work that it takes to be great,” said Musgrove.

Musgrove is a graduate of Texas State University, where he received his BA in English and was also an All-American Defensive back on the DI Texas State Football team. He earned his law degree from Tulane University and is a practicing attorney in Dallas, Texas.

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