Stenograph® Announces Phoenix on Demand, Allowing Rapid Transcript Creation From Audio Files

Stenograph, LLC, the leader in legal transcription technology, has announced Phoenix On Demand, which allows rapid creation of transcripts from audio files, using Stenograph’s Phoenix Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine. Phoenix On Demand provides direct access to the Phoenix ASR engine, allowing users to send multiple audio files to Phoenix at once. Phoenix creates transcripts from these audio files. This, in effect, empowers agencies and legal transcription service providers to have their own custom-built engine with a dedicated cloud infrastructure supporting their productivity and throughput needs. The output from Phoenix On Demand could integrate directly into existing workflows and tools being utilized by agencies today without having the need to re-engineer processes or retrain staff.

“The market has a demand for fast transcript creation from audio files. Due to the accuracy of our Phoenix ASR engine, the transcripts created via Phoenix On Demand can be quickly edited to produce final transcripts,” said Chris Page, Director of Product Management for Stenograph. “Providing access directly to Phoenix allows customers to build interaction with the ASR engine into their existing workflows. The transcripts created with the custom-built and highly accurate Phoenix ASR engine can then be edited with Stenograph’s MAXScribe™ software or with a text editor of the customer’s choice.”

Phoenix On Demand provides the ability for customers to send many audio files to Phoenix at once, which integrated into their workflow and editing process, provides rapid transcript creation compared to manually creating each transcript by transcribing individual audio files. When the resulting transcripts from the Phoenix ASR engine are edited with advanced tools found in MAXScribe, users will see a reduction in the time necessary to produce a finished transcript.

“Phoenix On Demand provides direct access to the best Automatic Speech Recognition engine on the market to make our customers more productive and profitable,” said Anir Dutta, President of Stenograph. “With Phoenix On Demand, court reporting agencies can produce transcripts faster, which allows reporting agencies to more effectively cover their calendars.”

The introduction of Phoenix On Demand provides API-level access to the Phoenix ASR engine. The Phoenix ASR engine is custom-built and designed specifically for the court reporting and legal transcription industry to produce accurate, properly formatted transcripts that require less editing to increase the productivity and profitability of reporters, court reporting agencies, as well as transcription service providers.

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