Suddenly Sales Tax: Top Considerations

November 6, 2023

In this episode of Weaver’s Beyond the Numbers, Brandon Hayes, a senior manager in Sales and Use Tax Practice, leads a crucial discussion about sales tax issues and sales tax compliance strategies. Joining him are Stephen Scarborough, partner in the State and Local Tax Compliance Group, and Shane Stewart, the partner in charge of the overall State and Local Tax Practice. These experts shed light on the unpredictability of sales tax issues and share solutions for handling them efficiently.

Key Points:

  • Sales tax issues can emerge from business changes, product shifts, audits, or laws like the Wayfair ruling on economic nexus.
  • Address sales tax issues by identifying affected states, determining taxability, quantifying exposure, and specifying the issue’s duration
  • Resolve tax issues by conducting a nexus study, analyzing taxability, using voluntary state disclosures to potentially waive penalties, and ensuring proper registration.


As businesses continually evolve, so do their challenges. For sales and use tax, unforeseen issues can arise, causing panic and confusion. Such issues, whether emerging from legislative changes, product modifications, or laws like the Wayfair ruling, can disrupt a smooth business flow. This episode investigates these challenges, shedding light on their origins and offering strategies to navigate them seamlessly.

Scarborough comments, “There’s quite a few reasons why either a tax professional or, let’s say, an accounting director, CFO, might find themselves with a sales tax issue.” His insights are further enriched by Stewart’s observations on the Wayfair ruling, stating, “It affects everybody just about.” Their combined expertise provides an invaluable roadmap to sales tax compliance.

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