From Touchdowns to Takeoffs: Exploring the Super Bowl’s Private Jet Boom with Preston Holland

February 10, 2024
AJ Krow


The latest episode of “Krow Knows” peers inside the electrifying private jet world amidst the Super Bowl frenzy, a time when the stars align in Las Vegas, not just for football but for a spectacle of private aviation unlike any other. As the city brims with celebrities, athletes, and the elite, the skies tell their own story of luxury and exclusivity. Preston Holland, Chief Commercial Officer at FLYING Finance, joins host AJ Krow to unravel the mysteries of private jet ownership and explore how the landscape has evolved, especially post-COVID.

Private jets, once the realm of billionaires, have become more accessible, challenging the notion that reserving sky-high dreams is for the likes of Jeff Bezos. Holland shares his journey from Twitter connections to leading a media empire in aviation, highlighting how passion and opportunity can lead to unexpected careers. The conversation reveals how aviation media properties, once isolated, are now part of a broader narrative that connects enthusiasts, professionals, and casual followers alike.

Navigating the nuances of private jet financing and ownership, Holland dispels myths, offering a glimpse into the economics, accessibility, and sheer joy of flying private. The discussion goes beyond the glitz, focusing on the practicality and efficiency of private jets, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their time and opportunities.

With its unparalleled draw, the Super Bowl becomes a case study in aviation logistics, showcasing how significant events can stretch the limits of private jet parking and coordination. Holland provides fascinating insights into the challenges and triumphs of managing such a massive influx of private aircraft, underscoring the meticulous planning and adaptability required in this high-stakes industry.

Moreover, the conversation takes a personal turn as Holland shares anecdotes and predictions, including a nod to Taylor Swift’s aviation choices, adding a touch of celebrity sparkle to the discussion. The podcast not only enlightens but entertains, offering listeners a rare peek into the exclusive world of private jets through the eyes of an expert who bridges the gap between aspiration and reality.

As “Krow Knows” continues to explore the intersections of culture, sports, and now aviation, this episode continues the show’s commitment to bringing diverse and engaging content to its audience. Whether you’re an aviation fan, a Super Bowl enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of private jets, this episode offers something for everyone, delivered with the insight and charm that listeners have come to expect from the show.

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