The GI Bill Can Assist Veterans Towards Careers in the Skilled Trade Industry

October 24, 2023


Over the years, the GI Bill has evolved and its journey signifies its transcendence beyond college degrees, to embody a diversified array of opportunities tailored for veterans. The GI Bill now seamlessly intertwines with the dynamic fabrics of trade schools, tech credentials, and burgeoning industries, crafting pathways to apprenticeships, in-state tuition, and technical training. 

There are endless opportunities that resonate in construction, energy, health care, and tech sectors, and this transition from service to fulfilling career is inspired with ease and promise. For the veterans poised on the crossroads of exploration and uncertainty, SkillPointe emerges as the compass guiding them towards rewarding skilled careers and dream jobs, unlocking doors to explore, train, and triumph in the journey ahead. Visit SkillPointe to learn more.

Written by Alexandra Simon.

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