The Growthwell Podcast: Episode 1

March 13, 2024
Josh Byrd

In the first episode of the Growthwell podcast, host Josh Byrd sits down with Arun Mohan, MD, MBA, a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder and CEO with a remarkable story of transition from physician to entrepreneur. This engaging conversation delves into Arun’s personal journey, exploring the intricate balance between business growth and personal wellbeing, and offering insights into the mindset and practices that have guided him through the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

Key Highlights:

The Drive for Entrepreneurship: Arun shares his motivation for embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle, highlighting the importance of mission and team. His journey underscores the critical role of having a purpose that transcends business success and the power of a supportive team in sustaining passion and commitment.

Balancing Act: Arun discusses the delicate balance between his professional endeavors and personal life, especially as a husband, father, and individual. He emphasizes the importance of exercise, family rituals, and personal time, and shares practical tips on maintaining this balance amidst the demands of entrepreneurship.

Community and Future Outlook: Arun reflects on the importance of giving back to the entrepreneurial community through investment and mentorship, and shares his excitement for future technologies, particularly generative AI and solutions to climate change. His insights offer a hopeful perspective on the potential for entrepreneurship to address global challenges.

This episode provides a deep dive into the realities of the entrepreneurial journey, offering listeners valuable lessons on finding balance, fostering passion, and contributing to societal progress. Arun Mohan’s story is a testament to the possibility of achieving business success without sacrificing personal wellbeing, making it a must-listen for anyone navigating the complexities of modern entrepreneurship.

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