The World of Sportscasting from the Eyes of Ric Renner

March 8, 2023
Chase Wasson

The sports broadcasting world is an important aspect of sports. Sportscasting not only provides sports fans with vital information, but also colorful commentary about certain games and events. Today, what initially started out on the radio has grown to become one of the biggest areas of the media industry. While a career in sportscasting can have its pros and cons, it can take a lot of leg work to make turn into a successful career.

Legendary sportscaster Ric Renner would know a few things about having a prosperous sporting career. How did he get his start in the field and what does he advise for up-and-coming sportscasters?

In the latest episode of “#WinTheDay,” host Chase Wasson interviewed Emmy-winning Regional Sports Network host, Ric Renner, about his sportscasting career and finding success. The two also talked about what inspired Renner to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, the sacrifices he made to get started, and lessons learned.

In the early stages of his career Renner said that he didn’t make a lot of money but went along because he wanted the experience. It was there he encountered several cons of working with a small company and relative outcomes.

“I had to do a lot of moving to get there, and there’s a lot of trials and tribulations because the stations that take chances on you are probably the stations that are not doing very well — because they’re the ones that have all the changes. So, as you’re working your way up, you’re dealing with a lot of that stuff,” said Renner.

Wasson and Renner further discuss…

  • How Renner became interested in broadcasting
  • The way the pandemic further shaped sportscasting online and its evolution
  • Renner’s experience fresh out of Syracuse and his advice for young and potential sportscasters

“So many people that come out of Syracuse — they’re ready to go, they’re ready to work from day one. That’s what I got out of that and gave me the passion to keep getting better. And constantly look at yourself. I don’t really enjoy watching myself on television, but that’s the best way to get yourself better. No critic is better than yourself,” said Renner.

Ric Renner is the host on Regional Sports Network’s FOX Sports Southwest. He’s hosted live sportscasting news from high school to professional sporting events and has over two decades of experience as a sportscaster. He’s won an Emmy award 13 times for his work.

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