To Drive Growth Through Innovative Marketing, Be Clever as a David Fox

July 10, 2023
Mike McCalley


All businesses rely on innovative marketing solutions for growth, but when the global economy grows increasingly volatile, the need to adapt is more critical than ever. The rapid evolution of digital technologies and consumer behaviors necessitates an agile and innovative approach.

But how does one adapt and thrive in the face of adversity? How can businesses leverage the power of marketing to drive growth in uncertain times?

The fact is, 73% of Marketers welcome the challenge with there’s an economic downturn. With innovative marketing solutions and an optichannel approach, businesses can take advantage of a sluggish economy and stay on top.

David Fox, CEO and Founder of Fox Marketing Advisors has made a career out of helping businesses navigate these challenges, leveraging his unique personal journey and professional expertise to drive growth even in times of economic downturn.

What’s his secret?

Welcome to Get Vertical with Mike McCalley. In this episode, David Fox, the dynamic entrepreneur, and CMO advisor who has built a reputation for driving growth and representing his client’s best interests with unmatched dedication, joins McCalley to share his unique journey from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a top salesperson and eventually, the founder of his marketing advisory firm.

In this episode, McCalley and Fox discuss the following:

  • David’s journey and how he used his challenges as a catalyst for growth
  • The importance of developing processes and systems in achieving success
  • How David’s approach to marketing has helped businesses thrive in times of economic downturn

David Fox is the CEO and Founder of Fox Marketing Advisors, a company specializing in helping businesses in the home services, construction, skilled trades, franchises, and agencies sectors. With a focus on finding and fixing marketing problems, improving lead quality and volume, and positioning brands as market leaders, David brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective. Over the years, David has proven his expertise in driving growth, even when the economy turns down. He is a valuable resource for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of today’s economic landscape.


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