Top Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn Ads Campaigns with AJ Wilcox

June 14, 2023
Sonia Gossai

On this episode of the CoachYu Show AJ Wilcox of  B2Linked spills all the top tips for optimizing LinkedIn Ads Campaigns. He recommends gated content, such as webinars or ebooks, to build an email list. However, he warns that this shouldn’t be the sole strategy as the audience needs nurturing before they consider buying. He suggests video content and helpful resources to establish trust with the audience.

Wilcox also advises micro-segmenting the audience for better campaign understanding. For instance, if targeting IT leadership, create separate campaigns for different seniority levels. This allows for clearer visibility of the campaign’s impact on each segment.

He cautions against following LinkedIn’s bidding recommendations, suggesting manual CPC bidding instead. Start with a lower bid than LinkedIn’s suggestion and incrementally increase it until the desired budget is spent.

Lastly, Wilcox emphasizes the importance of testing different creatives and messaging to find out what engages the target audience. He encourages creating a culture of A-B testing within the organization to learn more about audience preferences. He concludes by saying for LinkedIn Ads Campaigns to be successful, you need to build on successful elements and reduce what doesn’t work.

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