Unleashing Web3 Potential: Exploring NFTs, Music Distribution, and Enterprise Solutions with Patches

May 17, 2023

In this episode of Gossip About Gossip, Zenobia Godschalk, SVP of Communications at Swirlds Labs, sits down with Patches, CEO of Turtle Moon and Co-founder of Hgraph. They delve into the real-world applications of NFTs, the intersection of Web3 and music distribution, and how enterprises can leverage these technologies. The stakes are high as Web3 technologies promise to reshape industries from art and music to logistics and cybersecurity.

The Core Question: How can Web3 technologies and NFTs be harnessed to transform music distribution, deliver innovative enterprise solutions, and democratize the creator economy?

Main Points of Conversation:

  1. Patches’ journey in building Turtle Moon and Hgraph, two pioneering projects in the Hedera ecosystem.
  2. The transformative potential of NFTs beyond digital art, touching on use-cases such as tokenization of assets and transparency in transactions.
  3. The imminent launch of a music distribution platform on Web3, enabling direct interaction between musicians and fans without intermediaries.
  4. The future of music rights management and royalties in the Web3 era.
  5. The potential of Hedera in driving major industry transformations, particularly in the music sector.

Guest Bio: Patches is a prominent figure in the blockchain space, serving as the CEO of Turtle Moon, an NFT services company, and the Co-founder of Hgraph, a venture focused on Web3 enterprise solutions. Over the past two years, he has been instrumental in developing large-scale NFT projects and creating user-friendly tools for the Hedera ecosystem. A seasoned developer, Patches is also a creator and musician, providing him with a unique perspective on the convergence of art, music, and blockchain technology.


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