Unpacking Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing is a vague term that is thrown out often, but why is it important? The CDC states that greater wellbeing levels are associated with “decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; speedier recovery; and increased longevity” and that greater wellbeing levels are associated with improved work productivity.

So, given the inherent perks high wellbeing includes for both societal health and the workforce, how can workplaces better address wellbeing and wellness amongst employees?

On today’s episode of SECURE by FinFit, host Charles Lattimer was joined by Daniel Posa, Founder of Workplace Wellbeing Advisors, and Vice Chair of Workplace Wellbeing Initiative at the Global Wellness Institute, to talk about the importance and measurement of wellbeing and wellness in the workplace through her company.

Lattimer and Posa also discussed:

  1. What started Posa’s work on wellbeing and attracted her to that space.
  2. Insights on culturally contextualizing wellbeing and how that is tied to financial stability.
  3. Differences in work-life blend since the pandemic.

Posa explained, “To me, wellbeing is really synonymous with living a fulfilling life. You know, living a life of real quality.” She later stated, “If you can measure wellbeing properly and tie it to the metrics that everybody cares about in a company, whether that’s productivity and retention numbers, healthcare costs, or in a city where you’ve got more economic factors or a country. Then if you can make the case for moving the needle on wellbeing and all the other kind of performance metrics also move in a positive direction, I just felt like that was really the future. Because you can’t just have progress for progress’s sake. You need to also have other people’s lives get better.”

Danielle Posa is Founder of Workplace Wellbeing Advisors, Vice Chair of Workplace Wellbeing Initiative at the Global Wellness Institute, and Founder of The Wellbeing Hacker. She has over 14 years of experience in management consultation. She began her career at Vector Marketing as a Sales Representative and Pilot Sales Manager, and later moved to Gallup Consulting as a Management Consultant, where her interest in wellbeing really began. Posa holds a BS in Marketing and International Business from the University of Maryland, completed and coached multiple self-development courses at Landmark, and has been published on LinkedIn and The Huffington Post.

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