Video Targeting Hacks with Justen Martin

June 2, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Video Targeting is an online advertising model that leverages brief video segments to convey a brand-oriented message. In this episode of the CoachYu show, Justen Martin of Learn Do Teach¬†explains ‘why’ video is crucial for establishing a connection with the audience and raising awareness of the company’s core values. This video is intended to build rapport and identify the company as a potential business partner for the viewer.

The ‘how’ videos are designed to stand out from others and demonstrate the unique approach the company takes in its operations or services. These videos help to win hearts and earn trust.

The ‘what’ videos focus on the specific products or offerings of the company. They guide the viewer toward the next steps if they’re interested in engaging further with the company. This could be attending a webinar, downloading studies, or engaging with other offerings.

Justen’s overall goal is to do more business with people where the relationship is easy, lucrative, and fun. He sees this video targeting strategy as a way to guide potential customers through the funnel, helping them better understand why the company does what it does, how it differentiates itself, and what the next steps are for interested parties.

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