#WintheDay: Steve Tate’s Story

March 6, 2023
Chase Wasson

Taking advantage of open opportunities and putting yourself out there might be scary – but often, it’s worth it. Willingness to learn in a new environment is not only a critical aspect to being a successful professional, but it is also a valued aspect in the workplace. So, how has one man’s journey transpired from this lesson?

In this episode of #WintheDay with Wasson, host Chase Wasson speaks to Steve Tate, Financial Advisor to Ameriprise Financial Services about his personal battles and how his background and mindset has led him to #WintheDay. Tate’s success didn’t come from luck, it came from hard work, passion, determination, and love.

While working to support his growing family, Steve Tate and his wife received the news that one of their triplets had terminal brain cancer. The HayesTough Foundation grew out of his legacy.

“We got the devastating news that it…was terminal…and again, you know, nothing prepares you in life for that…and I’ve struggled, I think sometimes I do my best to put on the happy face but it’s a struggle…but I do it for my other kids,” said Steve Tate.

The two speak about…

  • Tate’s determination and leaps of faith in putting his family first
  • How sharing his journey in a published book has uplifted others
  • How being his genuine self helps others #wintheday

Tate said, “I think I’ve found this, I’ve found pleasure in making people laugh…it’s almost as if making other people laugh kind of alleviates my pain in some regards.”

Tate is a graduate of the University of Utah, where he earned his BA in Economics, balancing his academics while playing Division I sports. Prior to his current role as Financial Advisor to Ameriprise Financial Services, Tate worked in sales and clinical rep positions with St. Jude Medical, Boston Scientific, and Sanofi-Aventis.

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