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#WintheDay: How Personal Branding Can Drive Individual and Corporate Performance

  Dollars drive healthcare. So much so, in fact, that the US spent more than 19.7% of US GDP on healthcare spending in 2020. Healthcare costs effect everyone involved in the industry, from the payor to the clinician to the patient. To help streamline healthcare solutions, one company aims to match patients with the best […]

A Fresh Take on Remote Care and Healthcare Disruption

  The pandemic accelerated many industries around the world, one of which was the healthcare industry. Remote-care shot up throughout the pandemic, allowing more people to stay at home and get the care they needed. But while some clinics offer the tools necessary to continue providing accurate remote-care, improvements can still be made for diagnostic […]

Improving Financing and Reimbursement Options for Patients and Providers

  Do you ever think about just how much surgical procedures cost? Well, for the uninsured patient, they can be upwards of a whopping 35 thousand dollars. And for those who are insured, even paying a chunk of that change is sure to make a dent in the wallet.   Since not many individuals will pay […]

How a Turnkey Platform is Delivering Accuracy and Quality to the Pharma and Healthcare Industry

One simple pill holds a deceiving amount of work behind it. There’s the basic research, the drug discord, pre-clinical work, three phases of clinical trials, FDA review, and the post-approval research and monitoring. So, who is technically responsible for creating solutions to improve the process management in the pharmaceutical, drug, and healthcare industries and what […]

The Karius Diagnostic Test: A Missing Puzzle Piece

Billions upon billions of microbial organisms inhabit the earth and our bodies. When we get sick because of modern-day medicine and technology developments, we can often pinpoint exactly which microbial organisms are the source of the problem. But how, exactly? Karius Chief Technical Officer Sivan Bercovici and Medical Director Dr. Sarah Park joined host David […]

Bringing Medication-Free Options to Patients of Panic Disorders with Joe Perekupka and Dr. Robert Cuyler

  PTSD affects 6.1-9.2% of the adult US population (Up To Date). Additionally, an estimated 4.7% of adults will experience a panic disorder in their lifetime (NIMH). Unfortunately, both disorders have high rates of becoming chronic and require difficult treatment programs and medications with adverse side effects.   On this episode of Highway to Health, David […]

Clinical Trials are En Route to Eliminating Inaccuracy and Waste by Leveraging AI and Machine Learning

In the traditional world of drug development, research happens in separate bubbles and exists in silos. Unfortunately, this separation of information slows overall progress and testing. The company VeriSIM Life is utilizing AI and machine learning to combine data and speed up drug development.  “I always enjoyed challenging problems and how to solve them,” said […]

It’ll Take a Village to Deliver the Innovative, Less Invasive, Affordable Solutions to the Healthcare Market with Raja Abid

There’s no getting around the fact that the healthcare industry needs solutions to help solve its myriad challenges. A holistic approach to healthcare solutions is a pathway Raja Abid, Healthcare Economic Leader at Boston Scientific, believes can deliver innovative, less invasive, and affordable solutions to the healthcare market. Abid kicked off his career in med […]

Creating Accessibility: Talking Prevention, and Healthcare Access and Innovation

In the latest episode of “Highway to Health,” host David Kemp discussed the issue of unattainable healthcare with Molecular Testing Lab’s new CEO, Eric Strafel. Kemp stated that healthcare workers have a daily goal to make a great impact in the lives of their patients, and also make significant improvements. For Strafel, he said Molecular […]

What the Fire Ignited: Transforming Tragedy into Personal and Professional Success

When life’s challenges are the toughest, inspiration comes from those who’ve faced the worst and come out on top. Just ask Shay Eskew, Chief Sales Office at CirclesX, a man who took on life-threatening injuries as a child and transformed them into an inspiring life as an athlete. David Kemp sat down with Eskew, Author […]

Finding Success in Healthcare and Positive Patient Outcomes

Highway to Health podcast host David Kemp sat down with Terry Coutsolioutsos, an experienced Healthcare Commercial Leader to discuss his 30-plus year career in the healthcare industry selling medical devices. Coutsolioutsos has worked for companies leading healthcare innovation including Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Abbott Vascular, and Siemens Healthineers. The lively and relaxed conversation opened with a […]

Shifting Patient Responsibility

From the patient to the provider to the payer, healthcare is a busy operating system that everyone plays an important role in. Reflecting on his journey in healthcare and the current operating system is Nick Love, a Benefit Strategist with Brinson Benefits. Host of  Highway to Health host David Kemp sat down with Love to talk about his […]

Retaining Talent Will Be The Largest Priority for Hospitals for the Foreseeable Future

In many industries, including healthcare, staffing shortages and the challenges related to retaining and attracting top talent have become a major topic. David Kemp, host of Highway to Health spoke with Laurence Kessler, Senior Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Healthrise on the matter. The challenges with staffing have provided a major problem for […]

Highway to Health: Special Father’s Day Episode

  On this special episode of Highway to Health, David Kemp talks with his father, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Kemp. Dr. Kemp followed his father into the Air Force. He expected to do it for a few years and start a practice somewhere but ended up having a long tenure in the service. “My dad thought […]

Preventing Your IoT Medical Device From Becoming a Network Vulnerability Point

Preventing Your IoT Medical Device From Becoming a Network Vulnerability Point

Keeping patient data safe and operations secure is an essential responsibility of any healthcare organization. Samuel Hill, the Director of Product Marketing at Medigate by Claroty, spoke with Highway to Health’s David Kemp about the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare and what organizations like Medigate are doing to keep institutions safe from threats. Medical device […]

Big Tech is Helping Healthcare Organizations Recover Profit Loss

In a call of recruitment, Greg Ryan first learned of his job in a simple pitch: to help doctors save lives. Now as a Principal Solutions Engineer in the healthcare unit at Salesforce, Ryan knows how true that pitch rings. Ryan joined Highway to Health host David Kemp to discuss his critical role at Salesforce […]

How Josh Byrd Uses Songwriting Experience to Tell the Patient Story

How Josh Byrd Uses Songwriting Experience to Tell the Patient Story

Like most marketers, Josh Byrd, VP of Marketing at Relatient, has many passions. Outside of his marketing work with Relatient, Byrd is a professional country music songwriter. And it’s this ability to tell a story in song that strengthens Byrd’s abilities as a marketer. Byrd joined David Kemp on the Highway to Health to talk […]

From Time To Time We Need to be Reminded We Are In Healthcare to Make a Positive Impact in the Patient's Life

From Time To Time We Need to be Reminded We Are In Healthcare to Make a Positive Impact in the Patient’s Life

Host David Kemp met guest Jaden Isler in 2010 at McMurry University playing basketball. While Kemp is now in healthcare, Isler remained in sports and is now the head coach for the Clovis Wildcat’s boys’ basketball team in New Mexico. The two discussed how these two industries came together during Isler’s senior year of high […]

Educating Customers Will Be Key to Balancing Customers Expectations With Healthcare Plans

Educating Customers Will Be Key to Balancing Customers Expectations With Healthcare Plans

  Highway to Health’s host welcomed Ryan Coplon, CEO at HealthWallet, about trends within the healthcare industry and how technology is helping to address evolving consumer needs. HealthWallet is a mobile app that is changing the way healthcare is delivered by simplifying the healthcare system for consumers. Coplon discussed how HealthWallet came to be as […]