Virtual Nursing is a Direct Response to Recent Issues in Healthcare Says the Company Leading the Charge

July 11, 2023
Alexandra Simon


Virtual nursing is a fairly new concept but it’s likely to be crucial in the future healthcare solutions. Due to a lot of data-driven decision-making in various fields, healthcare is no exception, with organizations increasingly leveraging data to streamline processes, improve financial health, and enhance patient care. As the sector grapples with challenges like staffing shortages and low margins, particularly within hospitals, innovative solutions leveraging analytics are transforming the way care providers operate, enabling efficiencies, and revealing insights into the workings of payers.

Looking ahead, concepts like virtual nursing could revolutionize patient care, allowing for centralized, potentially remote operations supported by the power of data analytics. At HFMA 2023, Julie Lambert, President of Inovalon, a company at the forefront of this healthcare data revolution, talked to “Highway to Health” about the concept.

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