Advancing Value-Based Care IRL: Highlights from HLTH Day 2

November 2, 2023


Elevating humanity was main theme at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas this past October, and advancing value-based care took the spotlight on day 2. This topic emerged as a platform for profound healthcare discussions, highlighting the significance of transitioning to value-based care, aimed at enhancing patient outcomes while curbing costs. On the Highway to Health podcast, host David Kemp and guest Geoffrey Roche, co-host of the Holistic Leadership podcast, delved into their takeaways from the event’s second day.

Their discourse revealed the ongoing efforts by healthcare giants like DaVita, Biogen, Maven, and Geisinger in advancing value-based care models. They discussed the surprising extent of patient reach and financial attribution to these models across these organizations, indicating a shift in the healthcare delivery paradigm.

A focal point was the potential role of oral health in advancing value-based care. They touched on innovative strides like a tooth-embedded technology for monitoring dietary acidity, emphasizing the underinvestment in oral health despite its crucial link to overall healthcare outcomes.

The discussion also broached the challenges in transitioning to value-based care, including patient education and the complex sharing of responsibility among healthcare stakeholders. Through such dialogues at HLTH, the journey towards a more patient-centric and value-driven healthcare model continues to gain momentum and clarity.

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