creativity and innovation
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The rapidly evolving world of work has sparked challenging conversations and necessitated fresh strategies for leadership and talent management, largely driven by the seismic disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we grapple with the transformations in the way we work and interact within organizations, leaders across the globe are forced to reassess their […]

Holistic Leadership
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Leadership isn’t all glitz and glam. It’s a grind, and leaders need to know how to handle themselves and their teams in all situations, including crises. Communication, adaptability, proactiveness, and empathy are just some of the characteristics needed for effective crisis leadership. But how did leaders like Dr. Stephen Tang, a CEO in the life […]

holistic leadership
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  Good leadership is learned. In holistic leadership, a multitude of skills converge, including people, work, and self-skills, all of which are used to further develop character and encourage others to do the same. This process looks at the person as a whole – but how can developing holistic leaders impact different industries? On the […]