Creating Equity in the Workforce and Education System Requires Pioneering Innovation

February 6, 2024
Geoffrey Roche


In the latest episode of “Holistic Leadership: The Future of Work & Education in Healthcare,” co-host Geoffrey Roche explored the inspiring career of his guest, Chike Aguh, Senior Advisor at the McChrystal Group. Their discussion explored the transformative impact of Aguh’s work on the American workforce and education system.

The episode further covered Aguh’s remarkable journey from being the first in his family born in the U.S. to becoming a key figure in shaping the future of work and economic opportunity. As a former Presidential appointee, Fulbright Scholar, and award-winning nonprofit CEO, Aguh’s insights into utilizing data, emerging technologies, and innovative practices are invaluable. They also examined Aguh’s personal experiences, including his familial immigrant background and the pivotal moment of receiving the call to serve as the Chief Innovation Officer at the U.S. Department of Labor during a critical period in American history. His commitment to creating an economy that fosters opportunity for every family, mirroring the opportunities America provided for him, is a central theme of his career.

Roche and Aguh also reviewed and did a deep dive into the challenges and strategies for building an equitable workforce, preparing for the future of work, and ensuring that success stories like Aguh’s become a systematic outcome rather than anomalies.

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