Preparing the Future Workforce

November 13, 2023
Geoffrey Roche


Preparing the future workforce is imperative to handle the technological innovations reshaping the work landscape. The urgency of sculpting a resilient and adaptive workforce comes as industry stands on the brink of a transformative epoch, where artificial intelligence and automation reshape work’s landscape. A McKinsey forecast projects a seismic shift for up to 375 million workers globally to acquire new skills or transition to different roles by 2030. In this transformative horizon, the critical question arises: How do organizations equip talent with the tools for survival and flourishing in the face of change?

These pressing questions set the stage for the latest Holistic Leadership episode hosted by Geoffrey M. Roche and Travis Hearne. The episode features a conversation with Dr. Keith Keating, a luminary in the field of talent development and author of “The Trusted Learning Advisor.” Dr. Keating delves into his groundbreaking work and discusses the transformative role of L&D (learning and development) in preparing the future workforce.

Roche, Hearne, and Keating’s conversation includes:

  • The evolving role of Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) and their impact on organizational strategy
  • The necessity for L&D professionals to align with business goals and speak the language of their stakeholders
  • The debate over the optimal reporting structure for CLOs and the quest for demonstrating value beyond traditional ROI metrics

Dr. Keith Keating is the Chief Learning & Talent Officer and SVP at Archwell, where he collaborates with Fortune 500 companies globally. With a career spanning over a decade, Dr. Keating advocates lifelong learning and emphasizes human talent as the cornerstone of organizational success. His book “The Trusted Learning Advisor” has been heralded as a transformative guide for L&D professionals, providing insights into fostering trust and building impactful relationships within the business context. Dr. Keating’s approach to talent development is not just about shaping a curriculum but unlocking human potential, a philosophy that resonates deeply with both the hosts and the ethos of “Holistic Leadership.”

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