Rebel Healthcare: The True Patient-Led Journey Toward Improving Healthcare

June 17, 2024
Brian Urban


In the latest episode of “Healthcare Rethink,” a FinThrive podcast, host Brian Urban welcomes Susannah Fox, author of “Rebel Health,” to discuss the true patient-led journey toward improving healthcare. This conversation sheds light on how patient-led initiatives revolutionize healthcare, emphasizing the importance of empowering patients to drive change.

Fox’s career spans roles as Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and as an influential researcher and author. Fox’s new book, “Rebel Health: A Field Guide to the Patient-Led Revolution in Medical Care,” serves as the focal point of the conversation, highlighting the transformative power of patient-led healthcare initiatives.

In her book, Fox categorizes patients into archetypes such as seekers, networkers, solvers, and champions, demonstrating how these roles contribute to healthcare innovation. One key story is that of Dana Lewis, a young woman with type 1 diabetes who created a louder alarm for her continuous glucose monitor, exemplifying the true patient-led journey toward improving healthcare. This narrative underscores the need for medical device companies to view patients as their primary customers and to integrate patient feedback into product development.

Another significant example discussed is Michael Katz, an advocate for multiple myeloma patients who worked with the International Myeloma Foundation. Katz’s efforts led to groundbreaking clinical trials and advancements in treatment, showcasing the profound impact of patient advocacy on medical research and standards of care.

Fox’s insights emphasize the importance of involving patients, survivors, and caregivers in the research and development process. By incorporating their unique perspectives and experiences, healthcare providers and researchers can create more effective and inclusive solutions.

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