Advancing Health Equity Through Digital Innovation: Insights from Dr. Bryan O. Buckley at HIMSS 2024

May 17, 2024
Brian Urban


During the 2024 HIMSS Conference, an annual highlight for digital health innovators, Dr. Bryan O. Buckley, the Health Equity Director at NCQA, shared transformative insights on advancing health equity in digital healthcare. This interview, conducted by Healthcare Rethink host Brian Urban, delves into the strategies that can reshape healthcare delivery through technology and equity.

Dr. Buckley highlighted the significant strides in health equity, especially in integrating digital tools and social needs screenings into healthcare plans. With a focus on whole-person care, the conversation shed light on the evolving landscape of health equity and its increasing incorporation into mainstream healthcare frameworks.

Dr. Buckley’s biography adds a rich context to the discussion. As the Health Equity Director at NCQA, he has spearheaded initiatives that ensure health equity is more than just a regulatory requirement but a core element of healthcare delivery. His leadership in developing health equity accreditation programs has seen wide adoption, signaling a robust future for equitable healthcare practices. At HIMSS 2024, Dr. Buckley shared how these programs are expanding and playing a crucial role in digital health transformation, emphasizing the necessity of a unified approach to tackling health disparities.

Throughout their conversation, Dr. Buckley reiterated the importance of holistic approaches to healthcare, where technology meets human needs. Integrating social needs data into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and the strategic deployment of community health workers are pivotal in creating a healthcare environment that addresses all facets of a patient’s life. This approach enhances the quality of care and ensures that health equity is a foundational element of the healthcare ecosystem.

As healthcare continues to evolve, the insights from leaders like Dr. Bryan O. Buckley at forums like HIMSS 2024 are invaluable. They not only illuminate the path forward but also inspire other healthcare professionals to integrate these transformative practices into their operations, paving the way for a healthcare system that is equitable, efficient, and holistic.

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