From Medical Student to Healthcare Innovator: Shiv Gaglani’s Blueprint for Transforming Medical Education

February 20, 2024
Geoffrey Roche


As healthcare continues the path of technological transformation, how should it reimagine medical education now and in the future?

The Holistic Leadership podcast welcomes a conversation that bridges the gap between healthcare and education through the experiences of those who dare to innovate. In this episode, host Geoffrey Roche engages with Shiv Gaglani, the co-founder and CEO of Gaglani’s journey from medical student to leading a central educational platform offers a compelling look at how personal challenges within medical education can inspire solutions that benefit millions. His story is more than the creation of a learning platform; it’s a testament to the impact of visionary leadership in healthcare and education.

Gaglani’s initial inspiration for was born from his experiences at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Facing the immense pressure and vast information landscape of medical education, Gaglani and his co-founder sought to make learning more accessible and engaging for healthcare students and professionals. This endeavor led to the development of, a platform that has since revolutionized how medical and health education is delivered, reaching over 250 healthcare and education organizations worldwide.

The discussion further explores the motivations behind Osmosis, highlighting Gaglani’s innovative approach to solving educational challenges. His return to medical school after the platform’s acquisition by Elsevier adds a unique perspective to his mission, emphasizing his dedication to improving healthcare education from within. Gaglani shares insights into the evolving landscape of medical education, the integration of technology, and the critical role of patient education in enhancing healthcare outcomes.

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