The Wave of Technology Startups is Driving Innovation, Which is Revolutionizing Healthcare

December 13, 2023
Brian Urban


The healthcare industry is undergoing a notable transformation that’s being driven by technology startups. These emerging companies are currently reshaping how healthcare is delivered, accessed, and experienced. Amid this evolution, Reciprocity Health, headed by its CEO Matt Swanson, stands out for its innovative approach. Today, healthcare technology startups are not just a trend but a necessity, and they are geared to address the growing demands of an aging population and the increasing burden of chronic diseases.

How are technology startups like Reciprocity Health redefining the healthcare landscape? What makes their approach unique and effective in addressing the complex challenges of modern healthcare?

On the latest segment of “Healthcare Rethink,” host Brian Urban explores the world of healthcare technology startups with special guest Matt Swanson of Reciprocity Health. The two explored how these startups are transforming the healthcare industry, Reciprocity Health’s unique approach, and Swanson’s journey and insights in the sector.

During their conversation, Urban and Swanson also discussed:

  • The evolution of healthcare technology startups and their growing impact on the industry.
  • The unique approach of Reciprocity Health in addressing healthcare challenges through innovation.
  • Matt Swanson’s personal journey and experiences, shaping his vision for Reciprocity Health.

Matt Swanson is the CEO of Reciprocity Health. He has an extensive background in healthcare and technology and is also an adjunct professor at Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at University of Delaware. Swanson’s journey is marked by a series of innovative endeavors, from involvement in inner-city education projects to pioneering work in healthcare technology. His experiences have equipped him with a perspective towards innovation in the healthcare sector.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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