Holistic Leadership is the Solution to Building a Stronger Healthcare System

April 27, 2023
Geoffrey Roche

Good leadership is learned. In holistic leadership, a multitude of skills converge, including people, work, and self-skills, all of which are used to further develop character and encourage others to do the same. This process looks at the person as a whole – but how can developing holistic leaders impact different industries?

On the inaugural episode of Holistic Leadership: The Future of Work & Education in Healthcare, hosts Dr. Travis Hearne and Geoffrey Roche introduce themselves, their backgrounds, and their goals for the series. The series approach isn’t just about healthcare but is about giving back to different industries by providing actual leadership tools to lead in a better way, as well as organizational tips, with episodes featuring world-renowned guests.

“I really really like leadership and I think it’s a solution to a lot of our problems and throughout this podcast we are going to discuss deep issues in leadership…I love helping leaders to lead teams in a more holistic way,” noted Hearne.

On this introductory episode, Roche and Hearne discuss…

● An overview of their backgrounds and passions for leadership

● What the biggest leadership challenge in healthcare is

● How bridging the generational gap is critical to improving the workplace

“Obviously, there’s many because we’re dealing with a workforce crisis that’s truly unimaginable in healthcare that’s impacting every position whether clinical or non- clinical. But if I had to say the biggest issue, particularly in the workplace right now in healthcare, it would be mental health, which is not uncommon across other workplaces but from a leadership perspective, it would really be the fact that we have a lot of leaders in healthcare who have never been trained to actually be a leader,” said Roche.

About Geoffrey

As the “son of a nurse” Roche has grown up surrounded by others passionate about healthcare. He has spent over 15 years in the healthcare and higher education industries, working on workforce development, innovation and leadership transformation. He is the Senior Vice President, National Health Care Practice & Workforce Partnerships for Core Education PBC, a Partner at Titanium Leadership
Consulting and Coaching, and a Council Member on Forbes Business Council, amongst other advisory roles. He holds a BA in Political Science from Moravian University, a MPA in Management and Public Leadership from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, and numerous certificates in healthcare and leadership transformation, including an Executive Certificate from Harvard Medical School in Leading Digital Transformation in Healthcare.

About Travis

Hearne spent nine years in the United States Marine Corps, with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he got a taste of different leadership styles. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Hearne went into Counterintelligence and continued studying leadership – what it should and should not be. Hearne founded and is the Principal Leader for Titanium Leadership Consulting and Coaching while also Co-founding The Buffalo Leadership Academy and working for Cisco as the Cybersecurity Business Development Manager. He earned his Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from American InterContinental University, his Master’s of Homeland Security from Penn State University, and his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California.

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