A Changing Healthcare Landscape is Pressuring Costs on the Industry, But Technology is Swinging in With a Resolution

July 11, 2023
Alexandra Simon


With an evolving healthcare landscape, organizations face increasing pressure on their profit margins, stemming from rising labor and supply costs, declining reimbursements, and the intricate dynamics of healthcare billing. Striking a balance amid these challenges requires innovative strategies and tools to measure, motivate, and retain the highest performers – the human capital that ultimately drives organizational success. 

At the intersection of technology and people management, novel software solutions have emerged, designed to objectively assess performance, thereby helping to ensure that high-value contributors remain motivated and engaged. Showcasing his presentation for “Highway to Health,” Matt Seefeld, Executive Vice President at MedEvolve, understands the nuances of those deeper critical issues as a thought leader pioneering fresh solutions to mitigate the pressures of the modern healthcare landscape.

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