Can the Gut Microbiome be the Answer to Personalized Healthcare?

January 12, 2023

Gut health awareness has been playing a pivotal role in the improvement of health as more and more people begin to prioritize the state of microbiome in their bodies. Health experts say that the gut provides an answer to someone’s health, particularly, their digestion and mood, according to Hopkins Medicine. Additionally, the body’s immune system is interconnected with the gut, as up to 80 percent of immune cells are located in the gut. The growing focus on this unique area of health is why concepts like precise healthcare are becoming more common. It is also why the microbiome is prioritized in the idea that led to the creation of Day Two — a comprehensive and personalized microbiome-based health plan.

So, how does emphasizing precision in healthcare benefit patients and how is microbiome the key to that?

The Chief Medical Officer of Day Two, Aamir Rehman, discussed this on the latest episode of “Highway to Health” with host David Kemp. Rehman also delved into how Day Two the step towards unique care that is specific to a person’s needs.

Kemp and Rehman further discussed …

  1. How Day Two functions and provides health professionals with individualized information based on a person’s microbiome
  2. How the gut’s microbiome is used to determine a specific health plan
  3. Why precise healthcare can command and provide the best solutions for any given condition and healthy lifestyle

“If you can create personalization and precision for people, that is probably one of the most important things that allows them greater control over their health. Because one, they have confidence that the science that is precise to them and hopefully it will make a difference, and then two, they can figure out how best to comply with it,” said Rehman.

Amir Rehman is a Physician Executive and the Chief Medical Officer the Day Two. He is also the Executive Clinical and Commercial Advisor at Clinical Innovation and Strategy Advisors and has held senior positions in healthcare organizations for more than a decade.

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