Shifting Patient Responsibility

From the patient to the provider to the payer, healthcare is a busy operating system that everyone plays an important role in. Reflecting on his journey in healthcare and the current operating system is Nick Love, a Benefit Strategist with Brinson Benefits. Host of  Highway to Health host David Kemp sat down with Love to talk about his journey.

Love admittedly became interested in healthcare from an entrepreneurial and financial aspect, but over the years this has changed. “I’ve experienced healthcare in my personal life and…just how difficult it is navigating the system…that’s what I can help with and help people do…that’s what’s kept me in, is the ability to help people, to advocate for other people and show them better ways to be consumers and buyers of healthcare and healthcare services, really,” said Love.

Getting better is usually the #1 priority when you’re sick, and having someone to guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf is key. Love said, “That’s the foundation of our firm, really is to be advocates for other people. Whether you’re an employer, the buyer of healthcare for your people or you’re the end user.”

Healthcare should not be a confusing topic, but it is often an overly difficult and increasingly murky system. “Why does it cost $1,500 dollars for an MRI at one facility but $350 at another? And which one’s better? How do you decide? How do you know that?” reflected Love.

While virtual care can bring more attention to those who need it, it can also be misused. This is where patient responsibility comes in. As patients become more aware of the system and the price, patient responsibility is shifting to advocate for more transparent healthcare transactions, or opting out of professionally monitoring their health altogether. With healthcare costs continuing to rise, it falls to the patient, and people like Love, to advocate for change.

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