#WintheDay: How Personal Branding Can Drive Individual and Corporate Performance

December 9, 2022

Dollars drive healthcare. So much so, in fact, that the US spent more than 19.7% of US GDP on healthcare spending in 2020. Healthcare costs effect everyone involved in the industry, from the payor to the clinician to the patient. To help streamline healthcare solutions, one company aims to match patients with the best therapeutic treatments for their individual cases. But what are they doing exactly and how is this disruptive method driving innovation in the sector?  

On today’s episode of Highway to Health, host David Kemp chats with Chase Wasson, a Vice President with CARIS Life Sciences to share his knowledge and experience on personal branding in the healthcare industry. Wasson’s key point: success starts with individualized plans. By using provided data and by analyzing data points themselves, CARIS is parsing out a way to personalize cancer treatments, with a different treatment dependent on each patients’ individual needs. 

“…We’re really at the forefront of revolutionizing care, not only at the patient level but also kind of giving clinicians a blueprint as to which therapeutic is most advantageous for your therapy or, on the counter-end, is this patient, you know, not going to benefit from a particular therapeutic?,” explained Wasson. 

Wasson is the VP of Strategic Accounts with CARIS Life Sciences. Wasson holds over a decade of leadership, sales, and healthcare experience. Prior to CARIS Life Sciences, Wasson was a Director under AstraZeneca, overseeing multiple national accounts within the U.S. market. He is a graduate of Texas State University and holds his MEd in Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma.  

CARIS Life Sciences core practices span multiple facets of the life sciences industry, including DNA and RNA research, Molecular Profiling, and BioPharma solutions. As a leading innovator in molecular science and research, CARIS helps healthcare professionals, patients, and researchers revolutionize cancer care. 

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