Referral Management and Health System Revenue Leakage

January 3, 2023

Staying on top of your health isn’t always easy. Time, money, and knowledge all play a big role in shaping your healthcare. Missing a follow-up appointment might not seem like a big deal, though it could be a game changer for your health or your practice and staying on top of appointments should be a priority. But when life gets in the way, who is there to address it?

On the latest episode of Highway to Health, host David Kemp speaks to Kevin Sleeper, the Chief Growth Officer with Abax Health about how Abax is working to decrease referral leakage, improve provider cash flow, and boost patient outcomes.

Sleeper’s main drive: maintaining patient health improves their quality of life. By ensuring your patients attend their recommended follow-up or referral appointment, their healthcare concerns can be addressed by a specialist and financial leakage can be kept to a minimum while improving patient outcomes.

“I walk out the door and I never come back. That’s the leakage we’re talking about. A patient that you could get scheduled back into your health system for a follow-up visit, walks out your front door, and you never see them again…there’s a lot of issues, both from a revenue standpoint and from a patient-safety, patient-health standpoint that result from those things,” explained Sleeper.

Sleeper has been the Chief Growth Officer with Abax since August 2022. Prior to helping Abax expand its horizons, Sleeper worked as the Director of Healthcare East at Workday and in leadership and sales roles nThrive, athena health, and Allscripts. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science degree in Small Business Administration and Management.

Abax is a clinical analytics and patient engagement company that helps improve patient outcomes by connecting referrals and increases clinical revenue by stopping revenue leakage.

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