How a Turnkey Platform is Delivering Accuracy and Quality to the Pharma and Healthcare Industry

November 28, 2022

One simple pill holds a deceiving amount of work behind it. There’s the basic research, the drug discord, pre-clinical work, three phases of clinical trials, FDA review, and the post-approval research and monitoring. So, who is technically responsible for creating solutions to improve the process management in the pharmaceutical, drug, and healthcare industries and what are the steps companies take to do so?

Highway to Health host David Kemp was joined by Riccardo Butta, of Stevanato Group, to talk about how they are working for the greater good not only to improve company processes in the healthcare industry, but also to ensure pharmaceutical solutions are safe and effective for patients.

Butta is currently President for Stevanato Group, a company that specializes in world-class systems, processes, and services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. He has also worked in various Vice President roles at Flex and was a Project Manager and R&D Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Kemp and Butta discussed how the Stevanato Group conveys the technicalities and details of projects to its partners and customers. Butta explained that the industry is embedded in science and requires a lot of knowledge to maneuver having an engineering background helps establish expertise and facilitate trust amongst customers.

Butta provided context on how Stevanto prioritizes the process and service management it provides its customers in the healthcare sector: “When you look at the way we want to be seen by the market, we are in the business of helping customers to preserve integrity of the drugs from the manufacturing point to the consumption point—that is what we do.” He added, “With that, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety, of course. Every therapy needs to be safe and effective…and then, of course, with that taken care of, then you look at everything else—you look into the performance of the container, you look at the performance of the device.”

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