Care Beyond Medicine: How Papa Combats Elderly Isolation by Connecting Seniors with ‘Pals’

February 23, 2024


As the global population ages, the demand for personalized, compassionate care for the elderly has surged, highlighting a gap in traditional healthcare services. This demographic, often facing loneliness and isolation, requires more than just medical attention; they need companionship and support to help combat elderly isolation.

How can we address the growing need for personalized and trusted care among the elderly, ensuring they receive not only medical support but also companionship and a sense of community? Enter Papa, a service that connects elderly individuals with ‘Pals’ for assistance and friendship, aiming to improve their quality of life.

On this episode of Highway to Health, host David Kemp sits down with Andrew Parker, Founder & CEO of Papa, to explore how Papa is working to combat elderly isolation. They delve into the unique approach of providing trusted caregivers to enhance the lives of this demographic, discussing the impact of companionship on health outcomes and the overall healthcare system. The two discuss…

  • The critical role of companionship in improving health outcomes for the elderly.
  • How Papa builds trust with its patient community, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • The significant impact of personalized care on reducing healthcare system burdens and improving patient quality of life.

Andrew Parker, with a background in telehealth, founded Papa to honor his grandfather’s legacy. His innovative approach to elderly care focuses on combining technology with human compassion, aiming to address loneliness and improve the daily lives of older adults. Parker’s leadership at Papa has led to remarkable growth and recognition, making a profound difference in the healthcare landscape.

Article written by MarketScale.

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