Fostering Greater Collaboration between Humans and Machines

April 12, 2021

The need for greater collaboration between robots and humans is growing for a variety of reasons. Humans are tremendous innovators and thinkers but can’t operate with the repeated precision of robots.
Automation can also help close the skilled labor gap, freeing up humans to work alongside them and in more decision-making-oriented roles than menial or dangerous ones.
However, to achieve those goals, collaborative robots need to continue to evolve and be adopted across a wide range of industries.
On this episode of CalTV, sponsored by Calvary Robotics, host and Calvary Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joe Gemma invited Co-Founder and CEO of Veo Robotics Patrick Sobalvarro to share his insights.
Veo believes “the future of manufacturing is dynamic, flexible human-machine collaboration,” and the company’s FreeMove® solution helps meld human dexterity and versatility with robotic performance safely and efficiently.
“People in the industry really understand that there are no collaborative robots. There are collaborative applications,” Sobalvarro said. “[You can’t] just take a power and force-limited robot and just put it into any application, and then it’s safe for a human to approach it. It simply isn’t.”
Gemma and Sobalvarro dove into Veo’s mission, the partnership between their two companies (Calvary and Veo recently announced Calvary would become Veo’s first integration partner), and where the industry is headed.

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