The nationwide STAR assessment, testing children of grades 1-8, recently released a report with its findings. According to Renaissance, the test shows a mild drop in reading and literacy, but a significant 7 percentage point drop in meeting math benchmarks. The test results estimate in weeks needed to catch up and meet the grade benchmarks expected at the start of a new school year.

Marketscale Radio brings on guest Kevin Hogan, host of “Remote Possibilities,” to analyze the report. With host Daniel Litwin, the two consider the next steps for educators heading into a Spring semester. As the pandemic continues to spread, can remote and hybrid learning solutions help meet the gaps in meeting education benchmarks?


  • STAR assessment reveals COVID disrupted learning enough to put students behind benchmarks.
  • Math achievement suffered more than reading performance.
  • Five million students make up the results of nationwide STAR test results, showing collective performance loss.