Ramesh Balan, CEO and Founder of Knomadix, got the bug for education at an early age. The son of a high school math teacher, Balan helped his mother grade papers as a child, and he sought out an engineering degree in college.

Balan’s career took him to early work in computer animation, and he became the head of innovation at Bell Labs in the early 90s. After that, Balan began entrepreneurship, a passion he’s held for the past 25 years. But Balan never forgot his education roots. He founded Knomadix, an active learning solution for the education industry.

Some of the most under-digitized verticals in today’s world are education and learning curriculums. With less than 2.5% of the global education economy spend going to technology, Balan sees tremendous opportunity and growth because digitization of learning is still in its infancy.

“It takes a long time to take any process and put it through the entire digital transformation,” Balan said.

With the arrival of tablets and smartphones, the devices are in place to make digital interactive learning easier.

The digital education economy is growing, and Balan believes it will be a healthy growth over the next five to six years. Part of this trend is a move toward active learning over passive learning. Active learning is about doing, practicing, experimenting and experiencing.

It is critical, then, that learning data be digitized to capitalize on the interactive capabilities that will drive the active learning movement in the coming decade.

Leveraging everything from virtual teaching assistants in the classroom, which can provide one-on-one customized feedback to a specific learner, to interactive learning tools that engage students at a deeper level, the possibilities for educational growth are endless.

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