Monitoring Remote Devices in Education

As remote working and learning become more firmly entrenched each month the pandemic endures, schools and companies that handed out devices are looking more closely at people are doing with them.

Epazz Inc. announced that many of its customers are asking for employee monitoring software to handle employees who are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The employee monitoring system is a new feature of the Provitrac applicant tracking system that captures screenshots and logs in video shots to determine whether an employee is working on productive websites. The company has received feedback from new customers about the need to monitor their employees’ PC activity and productivity while working at home. The software will come with an agreement stating that the company is monitoring activity on the user’s PC during work hours. According to Shaun Passley, Ph.D., CEO of Epazz Inc., “We anticipate the needs of the companies to streamline their business operations, especially in recruiting and hiring the right candidate for a job vacancy and managing employees who work from home as part of the new normal.”

Lightspeed Systems (Lightspeed), the leading K-12 online safety and analytics platform, announced an integration with Microsoft Teams for its safety monitoring solution, Lightspeed Safety Check. Safety Check is used to monitor online student activity on and off campus and uses AI to detect and report potential threats and harmful behavior.

Since its launch last year, Safety Check has reported over 84,000 cases of potentially concerning student behavior, such as self-harm or violence toward others, helping school staff provide timely intervention. The collaboration with Teams and its chat capabilities amplifies the effectiveness of the platform. “The unprecedented switch to remote learning took a toll on students, heightening the need for monitoring solutions like Safety Check to provide schools the visibility needed to help students struggling, especially during these uncertain times,” said Mike Durando, Vice President – Strategic Alliances, Lightspeed Systems. “Safety Check’s integration with Microsoft Teams expands on the critical safety monitoring schools need to protect students and save lives, wherever they are learning.”