Becoming a High-Expectation Teacher

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Change Starts Here and host Dustin Odham, Thought Leader for FranklinCovey Education, are back with another thought-provoking and inspiring episode – this time featuring a bona fide legend in the field of education.

Dr. Christine Rubie-Davies – though she prefers to drop the titles and go by Christine – has spent decades immersed in the world of education and has led the conversation surrounding teacher expectations and their impact on learning, teacher-student relationships and more.

She began her career with more than two decades of work in primary school education, then transitioned to a role at New Zealand’s University of Auckland, where she currently serves as a professor in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice.

Taking a cue from past Change Starts Here guest Brad Montague, who prefers to ask people what they love about what they do rather than what they do for a living, Odham posed the same question to Rubie-Davies.

“The reason I love what I do is I get to make a difference for kids, still,” she said. “When I went into teaching, that was always my major goal. I wanted to make a difference for every kid in my class, every year.”

Odham and Rubie-Davies dove into how she’s making that happen with research into teacher expectations and their impact on students and more.

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