Black Mothers and Microschools

January 30, 2023
Michael Horn

Microschools have been around for a few decades, but their value rose during the pandemic. An Arizona-based organization, Black Mothers Forum, strives to give students of color opportunities that have eluded them through mainstream education channels. Arizona awarded the Black Mothers Forum micro school $3.5 million in 2021 to develop up to 50 additional micro schools throughout Arizona.

The Future of Education’s Michael B. Horn reached out to Tiffany Dudley, Co-Leader of the Black Mothers Forum’s Economic Development Team, for insights into the rise of micro schools and the potential benefits they bring to underserved communities. Dudley first learned about Black Mothers Forum when searching for an education solution for her children during the pandemic, and their approach to microschools piqued her interest.

“It’s the autonomy that their children have, where they’re more of a participant in their education instead of just a bystander in the background,” Dudley said. “At the micro schools they had a lot more freedom; they’re able to learn through project-based; to take the things that interest them.”

Horn and Dudley discuss…

● The state of microschools in Arizona post-pandemic

● The mission of the Black Mothers Forum

● The future of microschools in the United States

“I see them growing a lot,” Dudley said. “The need, especially post-COVID, for something smaller and the need for change has been driven to the forefront just by society wanting to see some kind of change. I think the eyes were opened of all that teachers do and what is required when a lot of the kids had to stay home when that pandemic hit.”

Tiffany Dudley is an author and entrepreneur passionate about helping and educating others. She brings seven years of elementary school teaching to her experience educating women in finances. Before her role with the Black Mother’s Forum, Dudley worked as a Learning Guide in the Nia and Crum Academy Microschool.

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