The Future of Education with Michael Horn

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Assessment in Our Education System: A Barrier and an Opportunity

  In today’s time-based education system, Students take tests and receive assessments based on those results. But what are the takeaways and feedback for students? Do students understand the results, where they went right, or where they went wrong? What are the quality levels of these assessments, and do they provide opportunities to improve a […]

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The Future of Education: Disrupting the School Bus

  Education has evolved phenomenally in recent years, but some structures around it need to catch up. Dated school bus operations are a significant sticking point in the education transformation. A nationwide school bus driver shortage is only compounding these challenges (Education Week). Even in traditional school schedules, students need to be able to get […]


The Future of Education: What is Modern Pedagogy and What Does it Mean?

  Education expands and transforms when new ideas, methods, and practices occur in the classroom. Modern pedagogy incorporates strategies to enhance the overall education experience. Blended/ hybrid learning are two key elements that have recently contributed developing new pedagogy. With so much transformation in the education space, it can take time to see a clear […]


Ushering in a New Era of Education with Pierre Dubuc

  In May of 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor approved the launch of four Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) by OpenClassrooms, a French-Based education-to-employment platform. These four programs (Data Analyst, Digital Marketer, Help Desk Technician, and Application (Software) Developer) will provide increased opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their careers and help employers fill crucial […]

The Future of Education: NCEE’s Blueprint for Reinventing Schools

Founded in 1988, the NCEE (National Center on Education and the Economy) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping states, districts, and schools discover, design, and lead high-performing education systems. The organization does this by studying school systems worldwide to gain insights into best practices and what does and does not work. The goal – […]