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Autism Charter Schools

Autism Charter Schools: Personalized Education Leads to Thriving Students

  Autism Charter Schools often have a specific curriculum designed to meet the needs of students with ASD. This curriculum may include therapies such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), social skills training, and communication and sensory integration therapies. The schools may also provide occupational and speech therapy and assistive technology to help students learn. The […]

education Innovation

A Generation of Education Innovation Seen Through the Eyes of an Online Education Visionary

  It can feel like online, virtual learning came about during the pandemic. For many, it was their first taste of online education. The truth is, it’s been around for years—decades even. Online education doesn’t look and feel the way it did back in those early internet days when virtual public education options were scarce. […]


Using AI to Drive Alumni Engagement

  Alumni giving accounts for approximately 23% of fundraising for universities in the United States. People want to give to their alma mater if they are able, but what compels people to give is connection and a sense of goodwill. This connection can come from not only the university and the experiences of the alumni, […]

improve student outcomes

To Improve Student Outcomes, Teach the “Why” Behind Every Subject

  Learning in the 21st century means taking advantage of cutting-edge AI-enabled technology to positively impact education. Many companies today focus on bringing AI and computer vision technology to improve student outcomes. Even before the pandemic, companies like Carnegie Learning built solutions through digital platforms to bring technology forward in K-12 classrooms to help students […]

sports education

Rethinking Sports Education in Schools

  Most American colleges and high schools have sports teams. Even secondary schools and primary schools can offer some type of sport programming for their student body. But the culture surrounding sports education has created demanding requirements from parents and students. How are educators tackling the nature of the way sports education works in American […]


How Educators Explore the Strategy of Implementation in Classrooms

  There are various types of teaching methods available for educators to pick and choose from. However, picking the one that not only works best for their students, but is also effective, is another factor to consider. Regarding the science of reading, which is a wide- ranging discipline inclusive of both reading and writing, there […]


Black Mothers and Microschools

  Microschools have been around for a few decades, but their value rose during the pandemic. An Arizona-based organization, Black Mothers Forum, strives to give students of color opportunities that have eluded them through mainstream education channels. Arizona awarded the Black Mothers Forum micro school $3.5 million in 2021 to develop up to 50 additional […]

standardized tests

Delivering an Alternative to Standardized Tests

  As California universities vote to remove standardized tests as a requirement for entry, the focus on traditional means of measurement, such as GPA, still remains popular. While supporters believe standardized testing can’t be replaced, opponents claim tests block real learning and holistic views of children’s performance. But in a world where the school system […]

buying and selling of American education

The Buying and Selling of American Education

  According to a Public School Review article by Kate Barrington from May 2022, the American public education system is not keeping up with the times and is facing many serious problems. Barrington addresses fifteen issues plaguing U.S. education, from lack of funding to challenges with technology and student mental health challenges. Susan Zelman, President […]

student centered learning

“Unpacking Choice, Student Centered Learning, and Trends in K-12 Education”

  In the most recent episode of “The Future of Education“, host Michael Horn had a chat with Adam Newman and Christian Lehr, both executives at Tyton Partners, on student centered learning and the innovation within K-12 schooling. Newman and Lehr are additionally terrific authors of a series of research reports, “Choose to Learn”, a […]

microschooling movement

Inside the Microschooling Movement

  Homeschooling, charter schools, boarding schools, traditional schools, and private schools are all terms we are familiar with. But microschooling? Probably not. Microschools are typically made of mixed age groups and often contain 15 students or less with teachers serving in a more guide-based role to help students personalize their learning through projects and hands-on […]


Philanthropy to Shape and Transform the Future of Education

  Leading education in the twenty-first century takes not only a village, it takes the generosity and ingenuity of philanthropy. One organization striving to impact students profoundly and positively is The Overdeck Family Foundation. Overdeck was founded in 2011 by John and Laura Overdeck to provide all children the opportunity to unlock their full potential. […]

education system

Assessment in Our Education System: A Barrier and an Opportunity

  In today’s time-based education system, Students take tests and receive assessments based on those results. But what are the takeaways and feedback for students? Do students understand the results, where they went right, or where they went wrong? What are the quality levels of these assessments, and do they provide opportunities to improve a […]

school bus

The Future of Education: Disrupting the School Bus

  Education has evolved phenomenally in recent years, but some structures around it need to catch up. Dated school bus operations are a significant sticking point in the education transformation. A nationwide school bus driver shortage is only compounding these challenges (Education Week). Even in traditional school schedules, students need to be able to get […]


The Future of Education: What is Modern Pedagogy and What Does it Mean?

  Education expands and transforms when new ideas, methods, and practices occur in the classroom. Modern pedagogy incorporates strategies to enhance the overall education experience. Blended/ hybrid learning are two key elements that have recently contributed developing new pedagogy. With so much transformation in the education space, it can take time to see a clear […]


Ushering in a New Era of Education with Pierre Dubuc

  In May of 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor approved the launch of four Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) by OpenClassrooms, a French-Based education-to-employment platform. These four programs (Data Analyst, Digital Marketer, Help Desk Technician, and Application (Software) Developer) will provide increased opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their careers and help employers fill crucial […]

The Future of Education: NCEE’s Blueprint for Reinventing Schools

  Founded in 1988, the NCEE (National Center on Education and the Economy) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping states, districts, and schools discover, design, and lead high-performing education systems. The organization does this by studying school systems worldwide to gain insights into best practices and what does and does not work. The goal […]