Merge Daily Personalized Tutoring with Advanced Tech in Schools for Peak Academic Growth

April 2, 2024
Michael Horn


In recent years, the educational landscape has been significantly disrupted, first by the pandemic and now by the integration of new technologies and teaching methodologies. As we navigate this evolution, one age-old method, tutoring, has emerged at the forefront, albeit with a modern twist. This resurgence is driven by the stark realization that traditional classroom settings, with their one-size-fits-all approach, often fail to address the diverse needs of students. Research from Brookings, Harvard, and McKinsey highlights the effectiveness of personalized tutoring in not only catching students up to grade level but also in forging meaningful, supportive relationships that foster academic and personal growth.

But how can we implement tutoring in an impactful and scalable way, ensuring every child receives the personalized attention they need to thrive academically?

In this episode of ” The Future of Education,”  host Michael Horn, invites Alan Safran and A.J. Gutierrez, the co-founders of Saga Education, to explore the transformative power of tutoring. Safran, serving as CEO, and Gutierrez, the Chief Policy and Public Affairs Officer, share their journey from the inception of Saga Education through its evolution in response to the changing educational needs and the potential of new technologies.

The conversation covers several key points:

  • The Origin and Evolution of Saga Education: From its roots in addressing the academic disparities at Match Charter School to becoming a national model for effective tutoring.
  • Scaling Tutoring for Widespread Impact: Strategies for integrating tutoring into the regular school day and making it a staple of educational systems nationwide.
  • The Role of Technology and AI in Tutoring: Exploring the potential to enhance the efficiency and reach of tutoring through innovative technologies.

Alan Safran brings a wealth of experience from his time as executive director of the Match Charter School in Boston, while A.J. Gutierrez’s journey from a ninth-grade student to a co-founder of Saga Education provides a unique perspective on the transformative impact of tutoring. Their combined insights offer a compelling case for reimagining the role of tutoring in education.


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