The Growth of AI in Education Offers Students an Alternative Educational Path

November 20, 2023


On the latest episode of “The Future of Education: Class Disrupted,” hosts Michael Horn and Diane Tavenner take a deep look into the rapid growth and advancements of AI in education and its implications for education. To better understand how AI is making change with students and in general, the two interviewed Irhum Shafkat, a senior at Minerva University. Their discussion explored how AI is transforming learning and its potential impact on future generations.

Currently an intern at Google X, Shafkat has extensive experience in AI research and shared his unique journey from Bangladesh to Minerva University and how he leveraged technology to overcome educational barriers. He provided several insights about his own perspective of AI in education, his hands-on experience with AI, and advanced tools he is experimenting with such as language models. The conversation further discussed some of the common misconceptions surrounding AI, while emphasizing its relevance to the educational sector. AI in education is playing a significant role in shaping many learning experiences, particularly for students like Shafkat who have sought alternative educational paths.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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