Empowering Young Minds: Building Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking for a Safe Online Future

April 3, 2024
Michael Horn


As digital technology and social media permeate every aspect of our lives, the conversation surrounding their impact on education and young minds is more relevant than ever. As we find ourselves at the intersection of technological innovation and human development, the implications for our children’s mental health, identity formation, and social skills cannot be overstated.

Amidst rising concerns and debates, how can we navigate the digital world to harness its benefits while mitigating its risks, especially for the younger generation?

Posing a crucial inquiry into how we can guide the next generation through their online journeys, The Future of Education with Michael Horn brings to the forefront a timely discussion with guest Devorah Heitner, renowned author of “Growing Up in Public, Coming of Age in a Digital World.” This episode ventures into the complex interplay of technology, education, and adolescent development, aiming to uncover strategies for fostering resilience and positive digital engagement among youth. The two discuss:

  • The dual-edged sword of social media and digital technology in children’s lives, highlighting both positive impacts and potential risks.
  • Strategies for parents and educators to guide young minds in developing a healthy relationship with digital media.
  • The importance of fostering digital literacy and critical thinking skills among young individuals to empower them to navigate online spaces effectively.

About Devorah Heitner: An acclaimed author and thought leader in digital education and youth development, Devorah Heitner holds a distinguished position in the conversation about children and technology. With a rich background in academia and a passion for empowering parents and educators, Heitner brings invaluable insights into helping young people thrive in a connected world.

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