Bridging Purpose with Education: A Novel Approach to Student Fulfillment Post-High School

October 30, 2023
Michael Horn


Today, the traditional educational paradigm is being questioned and reevaluated, and the quest for a more holistic, purpose-driven, novel approach to student fulfillment post-high school is gaining traction. As employers find it challenging to secure passionate, productive employees, the essence of guiding students toward a fulfilling life post-high school has never been more pressing. Studies indicate a profound need for holistic educational frameworks to transcend academic achievements and venture into personal fulfillment and purpose discovery.

How can modern education evolve to ensure student fulfillment after high school, encompassing more than the traditional four-year college route?

Unveiling a fresh perspective on this discourse is Class Disrupted hosted by Michael B. Horn and Diane Tavenner. In the first episode of season 5, Horn and Tavenner delve into Tavenner’s new venture, Point of Beginning, and its product Point B, aimed at helping students discern their purpose and choose a fulfilling path post-high school. The conversation meanders through the modern-day educational challenges, exploring the necessity of aligning academic pursuits with personal fulfillment.

• The inception of Point B: A technology product designed to assist high school students (and potentially younger ones) in discovering their purpose and envisioning a fulfilling pathway post-high school, expanding beyond the traditional four-year college route

• Systemic issues like mental health problems and the lack of post-secondary completion underscoring the urgency of addressing the disconnect between education and personal fulfillment

• Horn and Tavenner’s summer readings and learnings shedding light on their continuous journey of self-education and exploration of alternative educational frameworks

Diane Tavenner is the co-founder of a new company called Point of Beginning. With over 20 years of experience in the academic sector, Dianne has embarked on this new venture to bridge the gap between education and student fulfillment. Her robust background and earnest endeavor to redefine educational frameworks make her a pivotal voice in the ongoing dialogue surrounding the future of education.

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