AI in Education: A Catalyst for Tailored Career Development and Growth

February 5, 2024
Michael Horn


In the rapidly evolving landscape of career development and education, a pressing question emerges: How can technology, particularly AI, revolutionize how individuals navigate their career paths and educational journeys? This question not only probes the potential of AI in enhancing career guidance but also underscores the urgency of addressing the vast, diverse career interests and needs of individuals globally.

To explore this intriguing intersection of technology and career development, Jared Chung, the Founder and Executive Director of joins Michael Horn on this episode of the Future of Education. Jared’s journey into career development was fueled by his own experiences and the desire to ensure financial stability for himself and his family. His venture,, is a testament to the power of technology and community in providing scalable, personalized career guidance. Jared’s insights into the role of AI in career development are particularly noteworthy, highlighting a new frontier in educational and career counseling.

“AI in education, I think, is one of the real shining spots of AI. I’m not an AI promoter like the whole world should have AI everything. I’m not like that. But I do think in education, personalization is so valuable and AI really, really allows us to scale that,” Chung said.

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