Education Standards Formed Around Math, Literacy, and Mental Health Support

May 8, 2023

The educational landscape is fraught with disruption, in more ways than one. For some, a shift caused by the pandemic allowed them to slow down and rethink how education should be delivered: one size does not fit all. As such, one educator is changing the game by teaching those with neurodivergence in a more flexible environment to suit their individual needs. How has this project-based learning continued to meet education standards by going a non-traditional route?

In this episode of The Future of Education with Michael B. Horn, Michael sits down with educator extraordinaire Kenisha Scaggs, Founder of the Soar Academy, to talk about the history of Soar Academy, student success, and education standards.

Scaggs’s story started with few resources except, perhaps, determination and commitment. Scaggs originally started the micro-school turned private school in her attic to help kids who were desperately behind in their education. Helping neurodivergent kids reach new heights, Scaggs noted that the classroom environment is different for her students.

“Our class is a one-room school house, so it’s not about what grade you’re in. You’re not necessarily sitting with fourth graders if you’re in fourth grade, you’re sitting with whoever meets your learning style,” Scaggs explained.

The two also discuss:

  • How and why Soar Academy was founded
  • Why project-based and individual learning styles matter in meeting education standards
  • How the Soar Academy learning environment differs from traditional educational settings

Scaggs explained, “So, our school is super flexible as you mentioned before. So Mondays and Fridays are very non-traditional. Our students go to mental health therapy if they need it, ABA therapy, speech, OT, we do character development and we do field-trips, STEM, and art. So on Mondays and Fridays you’re not even in a classroom setting.”

Kenisha Scaggs is the Founder, Director, and Lead Teacher for 6th to 12th grades at Soar Academy. She earned her BA degree from Augusta University and is also certified in the Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GA TAPP) program. She is the driving force behind Soar Academy’s reception of the YASS Prize.

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