“Unpacking Choice, Student Centered Learning, and Trends in K-12 Education”

January 9, 2023
Michael Horn

In the most recent episode of “The Future of Education“, host Michael Horn had a chat with Adam Newman and Christian Lehr, both executives at Tyton Partners, on student centered learning and the innovation within K-12 schooling. Newman and Lehr are additionally terrific authors of a series of research reports, “Choose to Learn”, a singular report, and “School Disrupted“, a 3-part series, which Newman and Lehr talk about in depth. These reports unpack many key topics within the K-12 education system, such as choice, enrollment trends, parent desires and more.

There has been a large number of transitions out of public schools where parents are finding other education options for their students. It has been seen that during and after the pandemic, the quality of the educational experience that students were receiving has led to disenrollment in public schools. School safety also became a concern, as parents worried about bullying and violence that increased within schools exiting the pandemic.

“Honestly, we were surprised ourselves to see the magnitude of the transition out of public district schools to other options.” Newman said.

Newman, Lehr, and Horn discuss desires for student learning…

● Momentum behind the enrollment decline that happened early on in the pandemic

● What and where parents are turning to when they leave district schools to gain student centered learning

● The kind of preferences parents and students are expressing about the quality of education they want

Christian Lehr mentions seeing the set of choices parents are making to create a more fulfilling education for their children. Lehr states that their programs have been designed for what parents and their students really want and need out of education.

Adam Newman is Co-founding and Managing Partner at Tyton Partners. He is responsible for driving organizational strategy, growth and operations in entrepreneurial environments, enterprise and division leadership, and management roles.

Senior Principal at Tyton Partners, Christian Lehr, delivers insights on K-12, higher education, and the future of work. He previously worked at New York City’s largest charter network on the design, launch, and management of its flagship high school.

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